Who We Are

Who we are

Argent Energy produces sustainable second generation biodiesel made from waste fats and oils with an annual production of around 195,000 metric tonnes.

Argent Energy is a European waste-based biodiesel producer with a vision to help decarbonise transport worldwide. We believe in using waste materials only and continuously search for new waste to be turned into higher value products. We invest in people and their development as well as R&D to drive innovation in products, technologies and operational excellence.

Who We Are


Who We Are

Our People, Our Culture

Argent Energy office - Aldford House
Who We Are

Our People, Our Culture

Our people create our business and it is on our people’s expertise, innovation, drive and relationships that we depend for the development of Argent Energy.

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Join Argent

People are the core of Argent Energy’s success and we are always looking for exceptional and skilled professionals from a variety of fields to join our team. Learn more on our Careers page.

Who We Are


Argent Energy Group was founded in the UK but has, since then, become a truly European player with ambitions to decarbonise transport worldwide.

Establishment of Argent Energy
Production starts at Motherwell site in Scotland
Producing 55,000 tons per year
Introduction of high (bio)blends in the UK
Supplying to bus and truck companies
Transport for London trialled the use of Argent Energy’s biodiesel
Resulting in the Mayor declaring his ambition that London buses should be running on B20 (20 percent biodiesel blends) by 2020
Acquisition by John Swire and Sons (Green Investments) Ltd
Production starts at Stanlow site in the UK
Producing 85,000 tons per year
Acquisition of Biodiesel Amsterdam and the beginning of Argent’s international expansion
Producing 100,000 tons per year
Who We Are


To reduce the world’s carbon footprint using sustainable resources


  • Argent Energy will specialise in the manufacturing and supply of low carbon bio-based products
  • Argent Energy will source competitive and sustainable raw materials
  • Argent Energy will invest in people and their development as well as R&D to drive innovation in products, technologies and operational excellence
  • Argent Energy will deliver above average returns to its shareholders
Who We Are



We respect our customers both internally and externally by operating with trust, honesty and integrity


We act responsibly towards our employees, our stakeholders and the environment


We are passionate about our business and have a sense of pride in how we do things


We are dedicated to achieving excellence, working together and empowering our people to deliver constant improvements for our stakeholders


We promote enterprising behaviours by empowering our employees to drive innovative ideas and make creative decisions

Who We Are

Health and Safety

Health and Safety

We are committed to ensuring that health and safety is an integral business consideration and that our operations should never compromise safety.

Who We Are


We are committed to building a diverse, inclusive culture where our people are able to be innovative.
Inclusion, equality and diversity are about valuing our people, at all levels, wherever they work and whatever they do.

Argent believes that promoting and supporting inclusiveness, and making the most of diversity, is not only good for its business but also creates a safer workplace and is the right thing to do.

In particular, we have the following key aims:

  • Ensure managers at all levels demonstrate effective leadership with due regard to inclusion, equality and diversity
  • Create an inclusive working environment where employees respect and value each other’s diversity
  • Constantly challenge the status quo and develop new ways to improve the proportion of under represented groups, thereby creating a diverse, representative workforce at all levels
  • Deliver relevant process in a way that promotes equality and respects diversity and inclusion
  • Attract new people from the widest possible talent pool, while retaining our existing talented employees
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What we do

Argent Energy turn waste oils into low-carbon fuel which significantly contributes to CO2 emission reductions