Argent Energy spends a considerable amount on goods, services and works each year. Our values set out how we treat suppliers, and we want to ensure that our commercial and procurement processes are fair and understood.


How to become a supplier

Before a supplier can work for Argent Energy, typically, we assess suppliers on the following criteria:

Health and Safety record – We assess the supplier’s track record of working safely and we check if the supplier carries out regular training for employees and subcontractors.

Suitability – We assess all suppliers to confirm they have a track record and the ability to deliver the goods and services Argent Energy needs to meet its technical specification.

Financial viability – We check that the winning business will not lead to a supplier becoming over reliant on a contract with Argent Energy. We also check suppliers’ abilities to manage the expected contract value, and the strength of their financial standing.

Quality – We check suppliers’ commitment to continuous improvement. This includes checking the appropriate Quality Assurance certification, documented procedures and ISO accreditations.

Sustainability policy and record – We assess how the supplier considers environmental factors such as pollution and ISO 14001. We also take into consideration social factor polices of suppliers such as employee and subcontractor labour standards.

Whole life cost – We take a ‘cradle to grave’ approach by capturing all associated contract costs from transition, all the way through to the eventual contract close-down.

Evaluation Criteria

All the criteria above are evaluated by key stakeholders within the business prior to any contracts being awarded. Throughout the process, we have regular meetings to ensure that all stakeholders are confident the supplier assessments are a fair reflection of each bidder’s proposal.

The following factors are considered, where appropriate, during the evaluation:

  • Minimal use of new material in the product
  • The use of recyclables rather than disposables
  • Minimal or no environmental impact from the product or service life cycle
  • Elimination of packaging where possible
  • Reduced consumption of energy/water
  • Elimination of toxicity where possible
  • Avoidance of using single-use disposable items
  • Waste disposal considerations (high recyclability)

Preference is given to suppliers which have:

  • Sustainability values and commitments
  • Sustainability certificates or awards
  • Sustainability management systems or quality management systems.
  • Full compliance with the Argent Energy Supplier Code of Conduct.

N.B. To be considered to supply indirect procurement products and services to Argent Energy (as a vendor, contractor or sub-contractor), it is recommended that a registration is completed with Achilles (, this includes a registration, qualification and audit process to comply with the buyer and industry risk management requirements.

We require all of our suppliers to sign up to our Supplier Code of Conduct. The Supplier Code of Conduct (“Code”) outlines the minimum standards we expect of for all of our suppliers. Argent reserves the right to remove suppliers from the Argent supplier list if suppliers cannot meet these minimum standards.


Assessment of bids / Supplier Due diligence

Bids can be in response to:

  • Request for Quotation (RFQ)
  • Request for Proposal (RFP)
  • Invitations to Tender (ITT)

In all cases, we use formal assessment models to find the best solution.

All bids should be compliant with our terms and conditions unless there is clear benefit to amending/deviating from our standard terms and conditions.

We may use electronic methods to conduct the bid process e.g. online tendering and from time to time, reverse auctions. We may also want to visit new supplier offices/sites and ask them to provide client references. This is a chance for suppliers to represent themselves and fully explain their products, services and capabilities.

Contract award

Once the bids have been assessed, the contract is then awarded to the highest scoring supplier(s).

After award of contract, we frequently review our suppliers against performance. Some contracts contain formal Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which are regularly checked; the results being shared with the supplier to form constructive feedback. We also encourage suppliers to give us feedback to assist with continuous improvement of the contract.

Our aim is to build strong working relationships with our key suppliers, in order to continually improve our performance and help deliver mutual benefits.


More information about Achilles UVDB and Verify Audit is available at

If you would like further information, advice or to register with Achilles, please contact the Achilles Team on 01235 861118 option 2.


Our Terms and Conditions

Unless agreed separately with Argent Energy, the terms and conditions below apply to purchase orders raised by Argent Energy and its subsidiaries.


How to get paid on time

At Argent Energy, we’re committed to paying our suppliers on time in line with the contract terms. We review our supplier payments, spot trends and take appropriate actions in order to improve our service.

In order to assist us process your invoices quickly and efficiently please check the following before submitting:

  • Ensure you have a valid purchase order (PO) number prior to carrying out work or providing goods. We are unable to process payments without a PO. Argent Energy operates a NO PO, NO PAY policy.
  • Quote the correct PO number on your invoices and please ensure the current Argent Energy business entity is quoted on your order.
  • Should requirements change after the PO is issued, ensure you get a new PO number before carrying out work or providing goods
  • Ensure that the description matches the PO on the invoice.
  • Only submit your invoice when the works have been carried out or the goods have been provided.
  • Use the PO reference as the title, email invoices and credit notes to:

Invoices for Argent Energy companies based in the UK should go to:

Invoices for Argent Energy companies in the Netherlands should go to:

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