Argent’s waste-based biodiesel is a distilled product that can be directly blended with conventional diesel and used as a fuel, typically in trucks, buses, vans and cars. In this way it contributes proportionately to the lowering of CO2 emissions of the vehicles it powers


Our Process




Raw Materials

At Argent Energy, we use a variety of waste as raw materials for our biodiesel production. We strive to reuse any waste oils or fats that can no longer be used in the food or feed sectors and give them a new life. The feedstock list includes:

High Free Fatty Acid (FFA) oils and fats

Material with a high FFA which is highly contaminated and predominantly a waste from edible oil production and refining.

Animal Fat (Tallow)

We exclusively use waste animal fat denoted as category 1 and 2, which cannot be used for food or animal feed.

Used Cooking Oil

Waste oil that has been used for cooking and then collected from restaurants and households.

Effluent Ponds

Liquid waste oil recovered from effluent ponds.

Food waste

Waste from various food production processes including bakery wastes which are high in oil content, contaminated sauces and condiments or oil extracted from food waste collection

yellow/orange tinted bubbling liquid

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High Blend Fuels

The state-of-the-art and ever-evolving technologies utilised by Argent Energy at our three biodiesel refineries, allow us to offer a range of high blend diesels