Port of Amsterdam and Argent Energy to jointly invest €20 million in an upgrade to port facilities in Hornhaven Amsterdam

aerial shot of the amsterdam plant for argent energy

The Port of Amsterdam and Argent Energy Netherlands BV, a biofuels producer, will jointly invest €20 million in new dock facilities in the Hornhaven Amsterdam. The development of new facilities for renewables in transport will contribute to the decarbonization efforts of both the Port of Amsterdam and the City of Amsterdam.

The Port of Amsterdam and Argent Energy expect construction to commence early in 2022, with completion medio 2024. The new facilities will consist of two loading and unloading quays replacing the existing coaster jetty at Argent’s biodiesel plant in the Hornhaven. The new quays will be suitable for barges, coasters, and sea-going vessels up to 9 meters draught and 147 meters in length. Furthermore, to cater for larger vessels including MR1 size ships, a new jetty will be constructed with a draught of 12 meters and 185 in length.

Storage facility for renewable products

Through land reclamation, 1 hectare of new land will be created, which will be used by Argent Energy to construct a new 130,000 m3 tank storage facility to be used for renewable products such as waste-based biodiesel and feedstocks that go towards the decarbonisation of transport. This will increase their storage capacity to 230,000 m3, making it one of the larger storage facilities for renewable products.

Koen Overtoom, CEO of Port of Amsterdam, about the developments: “The new facilities make it possible for Argent Energy to make an important contribution to the Dutch and Amsterdam ambitions regarding the decarbonization of transport and the scale-up of green hydrogen.”

Erik Rietkerk, CEO of Argent Energy, is pleased with the cooperation: “The collaboration with the Port of Amsterdam worked well and particularly their willingness to jointly look for ways to make this project possible. Argent’s business and sustainability ambitions are fully aligned with the objectives of the Port of Amsterdam as well as with the City of