Argent’s 100% FAME successfully utilised in trial by Dutch maritime logistics company, VT Group and FincoEnergies

Amsterdam Plant for argent energy

Argent Energy, a European producer of sustainable second generation biodiesel, had its 100% FAME used on a successful trial between FincoEnergies and Dutch maritime logistics company, VT Group. This achievement stands as an example of success within the inland shipping sector, showcasing effective measures that can be taken to facilitate the decarbonisation of the industry through the use of 100% FAME.


The collaboration between FincoEnergies and Dutch maritime logistics company, VT Group saw a pilot using 100% FAME on the ‘MTS Vlissingen’ ship. The application of biodiesel required minimal adjustments and was supplied by FincoEnergies, with Argent’s waste-based biodiesel partly used in the trial.

VT Group said “Even in this pilot setup on the ‘MTS Vlissingen’, no technically unsolvable situations have occurred, FAME is a beautiful biodiesel that, with minimal technical adjustments, can be applied directly to inland navigation”

Alex van der Made, Manager Marine Wholesale at FincoEnergies looks forward to supporting VT Group in achieving its sustainability goals in the future: “During this trial period, both our organisations collected useful data and gained technical knowledge about the operational deployment of this product under various circumstances. With that valuable information, both VT Group and FincoEnergies can proceed together.”

The Dutch government have been frontrunners in decarbonising and incentivising the inland shipping industry, in comparison to its EU counterparts. This is projected to ramp up even further in response to the FuelEU Maritime initiative, part of the Fit for 55 package legislation. They are expected to intensify their efforts and further accelerate the transition towards cleaner fuels and environmentally-friendly solutions in the sector.

Dickon Posnett, Director of Corporate Affairs at Argent Energy said “The results of the pilot are welcome of course, but actually no great surprise. It is widely known how cost-effective biofuels are in their contribution to decarbonisation, we just need governments to be more ambitious and not miss the huge opportunity to push more maritime GHG savings right now. Industry is ready to deliver more, with immediate effect, so work on the longer-term solutions can continue apace in the knowledge we are doing all we can in the meantime to maximise carbon reductions for the planet. ”

Decarbonisation frontrunner, FincoEnergies, want to be 100% carbon free by 2035 and believe this is possible. This is significantly sooner than the EU’s ambitions, including even the Dutch government.


100% FAME, a type of biodiesel, is a particularly attractive option as it can be used immediately as a drop-in replacement without the need for engine modification. This makes it a highly cost-effective option for shipping companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Argent Energy manufacturers 100% FAME that exceeds marine grade specifications and has been consistently producing high-quality biodiesel for several years. Argent’s biodiesel supplied to FincoEnergies for this trial achieved a reduction of around 85% in CO₂ emissions. The production process undergoes a series of distillation steps, ensuring the production of highly refined biodiesel with superior quality.


As the industry prioritizes sustainable fuel options, biodiesel emerges as a viable and eco-friendly solution. The immediate application and qualities of 100% FAME highlight biodiesel’s potential in inland shipping, making it an appealing alternative to traditional fuels. The adoption of biodiesel paves the way for significant reductions in CO₂ emissions, supporting the industry’s goal to achieve a more sustainable future and Argent looks forward to continuing to supply running trade biodiesel for the inland shipping sector.

In light of the successful trial, Argent will continue to work with FincoEnergies, to provide ongoing support and facilitate comprehensive learning about biodiesel in the shipping industry. Together, they will actively explore the wide range of options available, aiming to foster sustainable practices and drive innovation in the maritime sector.