Alfred Hymas Ltd

2 blue hymas Ltd company lorries

Alfred Hymas Ltd is a Yorkshire based haulage company which operates across the UK. Over the last three years, managing director Stewart Hymas, has been on a journey to decarbonise his business through the introduction of charging points for electric vehicles and transitioning his heavy duty vehicles to operate on high blend biodiesel supplied by Argent Energy.

Stewart’s goal was to demonstrate to his shareholders, stakeholders, local community and clients that by transitioning onto a high blend biodiesel as a drop-in replacement, significant reductions in greenhouse gas can be achieved at little or no extra cost.

In 2020, Alfred Hymas Ltd saved 1106 tonnes of CO2 by using Argent’s High Blend Biodiesels which is the equivalent of taking 534 cars off the road. This Greenhouse Gas reduction improved again in 2021 to 1370 tonnes CO2 or 662 cars off the road, dramatically reducing the overall carbon footprint of the business.