A Visit to Argent at Zeehavendagen Amsterdam 2022

Argent Energy took part in Zeehavendagen Amsterdam 2022, an event organized by Amports that offers a glimpse to behind the scenes action of business life on the fourth largest port in Europe. With the area going through an exciting time for transition, Zeehavendagen offered the chance to get to know the port of the future and experience it first-hand.

The Port of Amsterdam

Home to a range of sustainable companies such as Argent, the Port of Amsterdam has a clear vision to further accelerate their sustainability in the region. This follows our recent joint investment of €20 million with the Port of Amsterdam in developing new dock facilities to help contribute to this vision and the decarbonisation efforts of both the port and the City of Amsterdam.

By 2030, they aim to be more than a hub and will be a dynamic metropolitan port by embracing the strengths of Amsterdam’s three main assets in order to create cross-pollination, synergy and innovation. A strategy of sustainable growth, Port of Amsterdam will deliver on their mission to become one of Europe’s top sustainable ports.

A visit to Argent Energy

Sharing their vision for a more sustainable world, Argent Energy opened its doors to the North Sea Canal Area Programme Office (NZKG), part of the NZKG Foundation that supports cooperation in the North Sea Canal Area. The group heard all about what we do in providing sustainable fossil fuel alternatives to the difficult to decarbonise sectors of shipping and heavy duty vehicles, by turning waste-based resources straight into biodiesel.

The visit included a walk around tour of the plant and our biodiesel process, from the feedstocks as they come in, to the finished product of waste-based biodiesel.

Our Amsterdam plant currently produces 100,000 tonnes of biodiesel per year and with our recent expansion plans we’ll be increasing this production to 540,000 tonnes, as we strive to make a significant contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

A sustainable future together

As we work towards our vision for sustainability, it’s great to have the opportunity to show the region and receive their support in what we do. The North Holland region and Port of Amsterdam will continue to play an important role in helping us to deliver our decarbonisation goals and we are grateful for their support.